Footbridge Over Burnside

Connecting Our Trail System

The Portland Parks Foundation is pleased to lead a community-based effort to connect Portland’s iconic Wildwood Trail over its dangerous intersection with Burnside Road.

Since completion of the West Burnside Pedestrian Access Study in 1996, the City of Portland has sought grants and other funding for a pedestrian bridge at this site, but public funding has not yet become available. A group of concerned citizens, founded by architect Andrew Wheeler, has formed the Footbridge Over Burnside Committee to fund construction of a safe, elegant, and affordable bridge for the Wildwood Trail. A conceptual design (see renderings and 3-D walk-through below) has been created by artist Ed Carpenter.

As with our prior capital projects at Director Park, Holly Farm Park, the Bill Naito Legacy Fountain and others, the Footbridge over Burnside represents a substantial civic need where public funding is not available.

To add your support to this important effort, please consider giving to the Footbridge Over Burnside project today!

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