Grand Prize Photo by Jessica Selig, @jess_pdx.

Make a gift. Cast your vote.
Bring $1,000 to a volunteer-supported project at your favorite park location.

This holiday season, consider making an unrestricted gift to the Portland Parks Foundation, but make it in tribute to your favorite place in our great parks system.

We are giving $1,000 to support volunteer activities at the park site that receives the most tributes. By making a gift, you help decide which location receives the fund. See which park sites are receiving your votes below. We'll be tracking through January 1st.

Make sure your favorite Portland park site is in the running. Vote as many times as you'd like!

Council Crest Park
2% (1 vote)
Grant Park
2% (1 vote)
Fulton Park
2% (1 vote)
Holly Farm Park
2% (1 vote)
International Rose Test Garden at Washington Park
4% (2 votes)
Kelly Point Park
2% (1 vote)
Lilac Garden at Duniway Park
8% (4 votes)
Mill End Park
2% (1 vote)
Mt. Scott Park
2% (1 vote)
Mt. Tabor Park
4% (2 votes)
North Park Blocks
6% (3 votes)
Peninsula Park Rose Garden
60% (32 votes)
Sellwood Park
2% (1 vote)
Two Plum Park
2% (1 vote)
Washington Park
2% (1 vote)
Total votes: 53

Portland Parks Foundation raises funds for the entire Portland parks system and invests those funds effectively through its close working relationship with Portland Parks & Recreation. We invite you to explore the many ways to give to Portland's parks:

We strives to make parks available and affordable for all Portlanders. Waves of Joy is our holiday giving program to increase the accessibility to recreation opportunities that our park system offers everyday.

A safe crossing to reconnect Portland’s iconic Wildwood Trail.

We are pleased to serve as fiscal sponsor for a community-based effort to reconnect Portland’s iconic Wildwood Trail at its dangerous intersection with Burnside Road.

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